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Conduct & Discipline
No doubt the primary aim of the institution is education of the candidate in this technical field. We at Genesis, look for overall development, shaping ones personality, and making him/her a more competitive individual in the society. At the same time it’s the moral responsibility of all the students to be active participants in the learning and follow the rules and regulations that have been laid for their own success.

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or organization. Keeping this in consideration and the rights of a student following are sets of rules or guidelines that need to be followed during one’s tenure at Genesis:
Student as “individual”
  • Recognize him/her self as a part of the institute.
  • To treat every other members of the college with respect and dignity.
  • Should treat his/her colleagues without any bias, and equally, irrespective of religion, caste, gender, age, socioeconomic status, cultural background or political certainty.
  • Should avoid any behavior or conduct that might be perceived as caste or religion - biased, age or gender – biased, sexual harassment, damaging to the reputation of the institution.
  • Should not possess or use of narcotics alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.
  • Should not possess or use of firearms or lethal weapons
  • Should not indulge in gambling, smoking or hooliganism, violence, disturbance
  • Should not seek help of goons
  • Not waste electricity or unauthorized use of gadgets
  • Not to indulge in violence or collective insubordination & strikes
  • Not to go outside without prior permission from the authority
  • Seek management help for any problem.
Student as “part/during education”
  • Follow the guideline laid by the institution as an individual.
  • Should be respectful towards their colleagues, seniors, staff members and the administration.
  • Should attend the class regularly and with punctuality.
  • Should be clear and transparent in terms of progress of the study, doing the assignments and other work in stipulated time.
  • Should conduct in a professional manner with all the sincerity during theory, practical and clinical experience during the tenure.
  • Will maintain the  confidentiality of patient, or information made available to them as part of their  practical learning activities
What is misconduct?
Misconduct in simple terms refers to – “Behavior not conforming to prevailing standards or laws”. We at Genesis have and strictly follow the laid down rules and regulation. Any student under no circumstances will be leaved if found under the act of misconduct. Following are some of the acts of misconduct:
  • An act of falsification in academics, change or misuse of institution’s document, records and/or college property.
  • An act that involves physical or sexual abuse; treats of violence either to institution or individual and aggravation.
  • Participation in ragging – physical injury, mental trauma and personal humiliation
  • Unauthorized use of college resources, outsourcing and theft
  • Hindrance to disciplinary protocols and steps
  • Smuggling or use of forbidden materials and substances in the college, hostel or campus
  • Not complying to decisions of the heads of the institute, suspensions and directions
  • An act that attracts criminal offence, police, law & order enquire.
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